Simple System

Simple System

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Luxury Skincare Set

The Luxury Skincare Set combines our two powerful steps – Treat and Hydrate – providing you with the Lipid Serum and Hyvia Crème. Both products are formulated with novel patented active ingredients exclusive to Epicutis.

Oil Cleanser

Typical oil cleansers work great for preserving natural skin oils but don’t wash off completely, leaving your skin feeling greasy. Epicutis® Oil Cleanser uses two special botanical-based fatty acids that when in contact with water create a mild cleansing action to leave the skin feeling soft, cleansed, and not greasy.



  • Ideal for sensitive, reactive skin
  • Balances tone + texture
  • Boost moisture levels
  • Instantly lock in hydration



  • Hyaluronic acid instantly boosts the skin’s moisture level
  • Novel molecule TSC locks in hydration and calms inflammation
  • Spilanthes acmella flower balances oil and boosts collagen
  • Propanediol plumps skin and provides anti-microbial benefits
  • Glycerin helps serum glide gently across the skin’s surface
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