Hyperdilute Radiesse

Hyperdilute Radiesse
Hyperdilute Radiesse is simply Radiesse that has been diluted with saline solution and lidocaine. Loose and sagging skin can be treated with these injections of diluted mixtures. Radiesse creates this new collagen through the use of calcium hydroxyapatite molecules. As a result, the sagging area becomes fuller, while the skin becomes smoother and more supple. 
Hyperdiluted Radiesse gradually tightens and thickens targeted areas of the skin, giving a smoother, younger-looking appearance. We can treat a wider range of aesthetic concerns, including crepiness, skin laxity, and even cellulite, without adding any unnatural volume! This short, simple, in-office procedure takes only a few minutes. 

The use of Hyperdiluted Radiesse is almost limitless including:


Hyperdilute Radiesse might be a good option for anyone with crepey skin who would like to see improvements. 
Results are noticeable as soon as four weeks after using Hyperdiluted Radiesse, so you will see very minimal results before a month has passed. It is common for Radiesse to reach its peak after the fourth month. 

Results usually last 6-9 months, depending on how much movement occurs in the treatment area. Compared to regular Radiesse, hyperdiluted Radiesse lasts even longer.

You are unlikely to experience any downtime. Due to the use of the cannula, slight bruising is possible at the injection sites, but it is minimal. Most patients can return to their normal everyday activities immediately after the procedure. 
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