Lipid Serum

Lipid Serum

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With only eight ingredients, this gentle formula is an essential member of your healing arsenal.


With therapeutic concentrations of TSC, our patented anti-inflammatory, this silky serum delivers an instant dose of relief for dry, stressed, sensitive, or post-procedure skin—PLUS proven healthy skin benefits that build over time. Thanks to the lipid-like properties of TSC, EPICUTIS Lipid Serum absorbs quickly—carrying a network of calming nutrients beneath the skin’s surface to soothe redness and fight collagen breakdown at the cellular level.


  • Ideal for sensitive, reactive skin
  • Balances tone + texture
  • Boost moisture levels
  • Instantly lock in hydration



  • Novel molecule TSC locks in hydration and calms inflammation
  • Hyaluronic acid instantly boosts the skin’s moisture level
  • Glycerin helps serum glide gently across the skin’s surface
  • Propanediol plumps skin and provides anti-microbial benefits
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