Myths and Facts About Lip Fillers You Need To Know Before Treatment

Myths and Facts About Lip Fillers You Need To Know Before Treatment | Euro Look Medical Spa in Solon, Ohio

If you have ever fantasized about having fuller, luscious, and more youthful-looking lips and considered getting lip fillers, you may have heard or read some things that have made you reconsider. People may have second thoughts about the procedure after seeing disturbing online videos of people who developed infections or allergies or whose lips became abnormally large after the surgery.

Let’s go over your worries and how the Euro Look Medical Spa experts plan to address them so you can feel confident in your decision to get lip filler.

Debunking Myths

Let’s dispel some common myths about lip fillers and explain what happens during the procedure.

1.) Myth: Lip Fillers Are Overblown And Give An Unnatural Look

Fact: Images of celebrities with obviously overfilled lips can be found by searching the term influencer’s lip fillers online. All you need to see are these botched lip filler jobs to swear off needles and syringes for good.

Nobody will ever know that you have fillers on your lips if you choose a natural-looking option. Dermal fillers can make a noticeable difference in your appearance while not changing your natural features. Having a slight shape and volume added to your lips is simple with the help of a trained professional.

Another common misconception is that people with naturally thin lips are more likely to seek out lip fillers. Lip fillers are most commonly used to combat the signs of aging by restoring fullness to thin lips, but they also have many other applications.

2.) Myth: Undergoing Lip Filler Procedure Is Painful

Fact: In no way does it reflect reality. However, some people claim to feel only minor discomfort, if any at all.

If you want to feel more comfortable during injections of most dermal fillers, you should ice your lips first. Most people feel some stinging or tenderness at the injection site, but this sensation typically goes away quickly. In addition, an ice pack can be beneficial if you experience any pain after your treatment.

3.) Myth: Lip Fillers Causes Adverse Bodily Reactions

Fact: Injections of silicone and collagen have been linked to infections and deformities, and many patients have reported adverse reactions to these treatments. However, modern lip fillers do not have collagen or silicone. Hyaluronic acid (HA) and other contemporary fillers pose significantly less risk. The results from HA fillers are more consistent than those from different fillers, and they can be easily dissolved using a filler reversal treatment.

While the FDA approves lip fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, and Revanesse, unlicensed providers may occasionally use these ingredients or mix them into these products. There is a risk of harm to patients in these settings.

Knowing who might inject you illegally and researching them can help you stay safe.

4.) Myth: Lip Fillers Will Sag Your Lips

Fact: Not so. Lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which has been shown to increase collagen production in the body. Your lips will remain plump and firm due to the protective effects of collagen even after your treatment has stopped working.

Lip fillers can be used for anywhere from six months to two years before their active ingredients start to degrade. Thanks to the remaining particles, your lips will continue to look full and plump long after your treatment has ended.

5.) Myth: Lip Fillers Are Permanent

Fact: Lip fillers usually lose efficacy after three to six months, so touch-ups are required to maintain a full pout. If you’re not happy with the results of HA fillers, you can dissolve them with a different injection. 

6.) Myth: You Should Only Consider Permanent Lip Fillers

Fact:  Your face and lips, even with permanent fillers, will change over time.

Changes to the underlying skeleton and the skin cause noticeable shifts in facial features as we get older. Permanent fillers can temporarily improve a person’s appearance, but over time they can cause the face to look unnatural or plastic. The long-lasting results of fillers allow you to tailor your treatment to your changing needs as you age.

7.) Myth: You Can Use Any Lip Filler Brand

Fact: As before, this is untrue. Avoid using these products anywhere near your lips or other delicate facial features. Although temporary fillers (like silicone or fat transfer) are effective in other areas, they should never be injected into the lips.

Some of the most well-known HA fillers used in aesthetic treatment clinics for lip augmentation are Restylane, Belotero, and Juvederm. These fillers are safe to use, and their effects can be reversed if necessary.

8.) Myth: Lip Filler Injections Cause Infections

Fact: Infection is always a risk whenever a needle is used to puncture the skin. This is relevant for any injection, including dermal fillers, blood draws, and IV fluid therapy. Before inserting a needle into a patient, alcohol wipes are used to disinfect the area and remove any remaining bacteria.

Unless you already have the herpes virus, getting lip filler injected won’t trigger a cold sore or other forms of infections. Some people with this virus can lessen their risk of experiencing a viral flare-up by taking medication before and after injection. Talk to your doctor and get all the necessary information before starting any treatment.

Lip Fillers Are FDA-Approved

It is possible to get safe and effective lip filler treatments from medical professionals who have undergone extensive training and experience in aesthetic medicine.

Treatments that the FDA has already approved can help get things off to a good start. The Food and Drug Administration has approved Juvederm, Restylane, and other filler brands for enhancing and smoothing the appearance of the lips.

In the end, any tool’s effectiveness depends on its operator’s competence. This applies to any injectable or aesthetic treatment, not just Botox or fillers, such as microneedling or laser skin resurfacing.


Euro Look Medical Spa experts have a track record of providing satisfied customers with lip filler injections. We can provide for all of your requirements. You can count on us to help you reach your aesthetic goals, whether dramatic changes like fuller, more seductive lips, subtle ones like better facial symmetry, or anti-aging services. Contact us and schedule that consultation right away!

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